Saturday, August 20, 2011

Four year olds DON'T need lingerie

As Salaamu Aalaykum,

A few years back I had a conversation with a group of women who were upset some Muslims put hijabs on little girls and felt that it was sexualizing her.  At the time I didn't have a daughter so I didn't see what the big mess was about.  NOW that I do have an 11 month old daughter I put a baby hijab on her when we were visiting a sister's iftar, she looked super cute in it and I LOVED IT! It framed her little chubby cheeks so well and her only 2 teeth at the time shined prominently.  I don't put it on her everyday and that was the 2nd time she had worn hijab.

Anyway, while discussing the following article they didn't see anything wrong with a company making lingerie inspired underwear for four year olds. I see THAT as sexualizing little girls!

I don't know what to say other than I REALLY hope no parent purchases these for their daughters as it encourages this behavior.

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Karima said...

I really am against this. I have a 9 year old girl and she has said how many of her friends have this fancy underwear. Luckily she doesn't nag. Some parents don't know how to say no to their kids and buy them whatever they want which suppliers know! I am now a new follower of your blog, Karima x and would love it if you could pay a visit, inshallah, karima