Sunday, February 14, 2010

I have been wondering

So I was thinking of taking a daily picture of what I wear and post it on my blog. The thing is though that I am a niqabi so I wonder if Hijab Life is the right place to do it or if I should start an additional blog for it. I realized that because I am a mom of a toddler I dress messy both indoors and out doors and that should NOT be an excuse.

I feel that we give dawah in many ways and having a messy exterior makes your job a little harder. I also noticed I am happier when am presentable. I want to share and get feedback as well as having fun with my wardrobe again. Last time that happened I was a non Muslim reveling in my abs. Now am kinda on the pudgy side but not for long ladies! not for long!

I still haven't made up my mind so any suggestions would be awesome


kakchik said...

I'd like that. Just be careful.

NeverEver said...

just put them here.

It is you wearing HIJAB in real LIFE

seeeee it fits!


ModestJustice said...

That'd be awesome! :D

But like KakChik said, be careful (there are plenty of weirdos out there)

So do you wear abaya full time then? idk if you already addressed this @.@ lol