Monday, December 07, 2009

Bikini or Niqab?

Disclaimer: I am a happy niqabi who occasionally wears a mini skirt underneath my abaya, but don't tell anyone ;).

Bikini or Niqab? Burqa or miniskirt? dunking donuts or starbucks? That seems to the question women are commonly asked. As a woman I don't think they should be questions at all. Why make an option so polarizing? It doesn't need to be most of us already now what constitutes hijab and the rulings behind it. NO need to bash someone in the head nor limit their choice.
I think most people ARE trying to guide people to proper hijab but we forget that there is free will and we aren't meant to be a haraam police. I think writing about proper hijab is ok. What I don't think is ok is to bash sisters in person or online or to use their pictures to demonstrate 'good' hijab versus 'bad' hijab. I know we are supposed to enjoin the good and forbid the evil but we need to do it with understanding and kindness.

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Habibti said...

i love the abaya so cute

i have two silk skirts, i put underneath my other skirts. but i dont know for a reason the silk one gets bulky lol i dont know how to explain it. maybe its not real silk