Thursday, December 03, 2009

Bad Hijab Transformation

This outfit although cute is not very hijab friendly and should really only be worn inside the house. There are two ways I can think of hijabifying this outfit via abaya or a wrap skirt and still wear it outside.

Wrap skirts can help you hide nearly everything not too hijab friendly. :) If you are not sure what a wrap skirt is, it's basically a long rectangle with strings at the end that you wrap around your waist and use the strings to tie it in place. The following is a simple example.

Here is how I would hide the skinny jeans

This is the easy way out and I just added an abaya to hide it.

What do you think?


NoortheNinjabi said...

I like that abaya :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

i know am SUPER late but me TOO! but the only problem is that with the boobage this will just look ridiculous on moi ●︿●