Sunday, November 15, 2009

HijabLife Maria Felix

I LOVE looking back and seeing the style of yesterdays when fashion was fashion and modesty was priced. ah memories or at the very least images that I google and get melancholic and fawn over. I grew up hearing about La Doña aka Maria Felix. I think she was incredibly beautiful, talented and for the most part had a very stylish and modest way of dressing.

circa 1951
You know the funny thing about this dress is that I have seen it before and I though how UGLY and so little house on the prairie style. But I actually like it on her. I think it can be hijabified beautifully minus the waist cinching belt though.

I think she looks great in this abaya.


If you look at the collar of this outfit I LOVE it. I think I would make tunics and abayas similarly. I think it would be a nice touch.

I love black and white photography and she is beautiful captured here. I LOVE the hijabi look on her albeit not full hijab. Growing up in El Salvador I saw A LOT of women dressed like this and it was during the mid 80's till early 90's. When I went back in 2005 I saw less of them but they still had the grace I remember.

what do you think?

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Assalamu aleykum,
Just came across your blog and I've bookmarked the page. Keep up the good work:)!!!